Alexandre-Henri Lacarré

CEO & Founder Ivory Group

Alexandre is a young, discreet but equally ambitious, self-made man. His success in business derives from his real estate and private equity background. Being an entrepreneur since the age of 19, he created A&A Development Group together with his wife Alexandra. A&A is a Geneva based privately-owned holding focus on real estate and private equity investments, mainly in Switzerland and Europe. A&A accounts for over US$ 250 million of gross development value. In 2017, Alexandre founded Ivory Group together with Cramer and Kuhn’s families, pursuing an idea of diversification into macro emerging trends. Today, Ivory is the largest vertically-integrated cannabidiol (“CBD”) producing company in Switzerland.

Alexandre is personally engaged in various philanthropic projects and is now establishing Ivory Foundation to sustain research on diverse applications of cannabinoids to heal serious disorders, especially those impacting our youth. Family is the motor of everyday life, with his son and wife placed at the center of all his commercial and personal pursuits.