Jason Vedadi

Chairman of Harvest Health

Jason Vedadi leads Harvest’s strategic development and expansion, including key revenue initiatives, M&A and strategic partnerships. Jason brings his extensive experience in real estate development, finance, raising private equity capital, joint ventures and debt and equity combinations to his role as Executive Chairman of Harvest. He is a tireless and innovative entrepreneur who has achieved success in every business he has founded and operated.

Most recently, he led the acquisitions of EvoLab, Falcon Industries and Verano Holdings for Harvest.

A 2001 graduate of the University of Montana with a degree in business, Jason built and sold three companies in the Western U.S. by the age of 35. He built a residential and commercial mortgage company in Washington state, a residential and commercial development company with operations in 4 states and over 200 employees, and a luxury home building company, all from the ground up by deploying a variety of business platforms and investment structures.

An avid chess player since the age of three, Jason is also bilingual, speaking fluent Farsi. He resides in Arizona with his family.