Rhodri Thomas

Head of Business Development, ProQure 

Marrying traditional industries and technology has always been Rhodri’s calling. From humble beginnings in the wine, beer and hospitality trade, Rhodri has built a decade long trail of entrepreneurship - helping traditional & brick and mortar businesses get ahead through technology.

This experience opened him up to the world of possibilities with IoT and has since become his staple. Since the explosion of blockchain, Rhodri’s skillset has become more paramount as we see the marriage of IoT and blockchain across many sectors. Given his broad spectrum of experience from making wine through launching consumer travel apps across SEA - Rhodri was brought onboard the exciting project ProQure, a company on a mission to drive transparency and accountability in the global food and beverage industry. The company is harnessing the power of blockchain and IoT technologies to improve acute inefficiencies in the food supply chain and disrupt this space. ProQure is currently working on projects in the wine, exotic seafood, the beef industry, and boutique retail chain of high end food supermarket.

Rhodri sees the emergence of blockchain as a game changer in being able to provide sustainable and global socioeconomic impact.